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              ZOOMING IN ON USA ECOMMERCE 2019


              Join us for an exclusive and informative conversation on the status of USA ecommerce in 2019! Together with other experts we will discuss the most relevant findings and trends highlighted in the USA Ecommerce Report 2019.

              TOPICS & AGENDA

              This webinar focuses on the USA ecommerce market, in particular: 

              Consumer behaviours and preferences as well as the obstacles and opportunities for retailers selling into and inside the United States

              Tips for SME’s on how to develop your business from a logistics perspective to succeed in the United States

              Main differences between the USA ecommerce market and other markets around the world from a logistics perspective (what you need to know)

              Cover some main points in the newly released USA report

              WHEN AND WHERE: 
              Where: Behind your desk (anywhere, everywhere)
              When:  November 19 14:00 CET
              Run time: 50 minutes
              Language: English 

              ABOUT THE SPEAKERS

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              Sara Lone


              Sara heads the Research Team at the Ecommerce Foundation, whose mission it is to foster global digital trade in the hopes of a more peaceful world. Sara’s daily work is in helping small- to medium-sized retailers sell cross-border online, specifically through the creation of ecommerce country and overview reports, hosting webinars, conducting custom research and creating content for multiple stakeholders in the ecommerce world .

              In addition to daily life, Sara presents on ecommerce-related topics and research around the world, advises stakeholders in furthering ecommerce domestically and internationally, and advocates for a more uniform methodology of data collection in the ecommerce sector.

              Yvette Hooites

              Product Manager, Asendia

              Yvette Hooites has worked for 12 years in international logistics. Her various positions within different departments, such as Supply Chain, Business Development and Marketing have  allowed her to acquire a 360° experience in international logistics.

              Currently she is working for the Marketing department as product manager and leading or contributing in projects to launch  new parcel solutions for the Group.

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