Ecommerce WikiWeek

July 16th,17th & 18th 2019

Staying ahead in Ecommerce

EcommerceWiki Week is the first International Ecommerce Course connecting ecommerce professionals, retail executives, and academics.

No congress with short flashy presentations but lessons of 55 minutes where there is time for in-depth analysis and questions. Not about the future of AI, Voice and Mobile but about how you can boost your traffic now,  improve your conversion and collect more repeat purchases.

We are looking for real experts who like to share their knowledge for an hour with 30 e-commerce managers and webshop owners. This can be done through a presentation but also through discussions  and workshops behind laptops. If desired, it is also possible to give several lectures.

Besides immortal fame, the speakers are of course welcome on all three days of the event and they get access to the list of participants of their lecture.

Main subjects available: UX & Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Voice, Delivery, Mobile...